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FREX Peltografiikka valkoinen.png

Our story started some twenty years ago, as our founder Tapio Knuuttila was living in Belgium and had an idea of exporting Finnish root and tuber vegetables to European markets. While promoting Finnish food in Central Europe, he couldn’t help but feel that Finland had so many excellent products to offer, only they weren’t available abroad. Curiously enough, while working with a variety of Finnish delicacies, it was the vegetable side dishes that turned out to be the main attraction. This was the start of a long journey of countless tastings of Finnish products, lengthy conversations with shop managers, consumers and chefs, unrelentingly asking for their opinions, and trusting their taste. Finally, we tied all those answers together to build our Frex product family. With our well-balanced product range we aim at making Finnish root and tuber vegetables available abroad.

In January 2019 we introduced Frex-potatoes, our first finished product, during the International Green Week in Berlin. The feedback we received was exactly what we were hoping for. This didn’t really come as a surprise to us, as our potatoes truly celebrate the flavor of Finnish summers. Furthermore, our potato farmers work with traditional plants to bind nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Frex root and tuber vegetables have a genuine, rustic look. Their most important feature is their delicious, genuine flavor that is a testament to a time period before industrial farming, to a time when people still lived in harmony with the surrounding nature and their food was clean, tasty and ecological.

This is the story behind our slogan Return to the Roots. The flavor of our Frex potatoes and other Frex root vegetables stems from our roots. We use modern technology in order to step back in time. In our products, today’s knowhow comes together with traditional, ecological farming knowledge.

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